Hammocks Rules & Regulations

A summary of Hammocks Cape Haze rules and regulations has been compiled for owner/tenant use. It is required that all owners/tenants abide by the restrictions as articulated in the declarations of the three associations, as well as the additional rules created by the association boards.

Note: Some documents are very large and may take a few moments to download/open.

Doug Spittal dwspittal@gmail.com 586-495-1000
Penny Harrington pennyharri@yahoo.com 817-992-7106
Brenda Loosbrock bloosbrock5@gmail 605-321-1361
Doreen Guiterrez phantom4d@bellsouth.net 954-292-7522
Steve Meillier stevenmeillier@gmail.com 651-341-1515
(Florida statue stipulates 3 members and 2 alternates)

Rules & Regulations

The three files below (1) detail the rules enforcement process, (2) provide a summary of rules and regulations, and (3) list the rules/regulations as well as the document reference and finally the fine for violations. Click on each link to see/print the documents.

  1. Hammocks Rules Enforcement Committee Review Process
  2. Summary of Hammocks Rules
  3. Rules, Regulations and Fines for Violations
New Rules

Information regarding new rules & regulations is provided below. Click on each link to see/print the documents.


While the information provided above is believed to be correct, there is no liability for any loss or damage occurring by reason of reliance thereon.

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