Hammocks Insurance

For prospective buyers needing a “certificate of insurance” to provide to their bank, please email your request to our insurance agent at: certs@atlasinsuranceagency.com or fax to 941-487-3000 and they will respond at once.

From time to time, owners have inquired about our Association insurance coverage and how it dovetails with the personal responsibility of owners to have their own insurance coverage. The files below will shed some light on recent changes in Florida law regarding these coverages, as well as provide an overview of our Association coverage. Please note, the Associations’ coverage is considered Special Form.

Additionally, file “E” graphically presents “who is responsible for what” within the condo. And lastly, file “F,” an Excel file, will help you calculate what the value of your responsibilities are (furniture, counter-tops, TVs, etc.).

A – Condo Insurance Update Letter
B – Cause of Loss Coverage Chart
C – Hazard Insurance ~ Owner Vs. Association Responsibilities
D – Flood Insurance ~ Owner Vs. Association Responsibilities
E – Condo Layout of Responsibility
F – Unit Owner Insurance Responsibility Worksheet
2022-2023 Summary of Insurance – Master
2022-2023 Summary of Insurance – Preserve
2022-2023 Summary of Insurance – Villas

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