Hammocks Landscaping

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Mission Statement

This mission statement and overview of the Landscape Committee overrides any previous board action concerning the Committee.

Mission: The Hammocks Landscape Committee works to create an outdoor environment that enhances the health and beauty of our community now and in the future and meets the needs of the entire Hammocks neighborhood. The committee is responsible for monitoring the condition of the Hammocks’ landscape, including the ponds and pool areas.

Scope of Work: Committee members will appraise the area, consider improvements, and meet with experts (e.g., landscape company representatives, the University of Florida Extension Agent for Charlotte County) to determine appropriate Florida landscape materials and plants and to ensure the grounds continue to reflect the tropical Florida style. Committee members will develop both long-term and short-term improvement projects for approval by the Master BOD and will report all recommendations to the Master Association Board.

Planning: The Landscape Committee is to develop a comprehensive landscape design that includes names and location of all trees, bushes, grasses and flowering plants. In addition, the committee will develop a replacement schedule. Initially a two-year plan will be developed and then each year following, the plan will be updated so that there is a complete two-year plan in place at all times.

Number of Members: The Master Board will determine the number of Landscape Committee members, between three (3) to seven (7). Members will be residents of both the Villas Association and the Preserve Association unless there are no volunteers from one of the Associations.

Eligibility & Terms: All members must be owners and, preferably, some of the members will be full-time residents. Committee members not in residence will be expected to complete assignments and attend meetings via conference calls.

Committee members may not be Board members nor persons residing in a Board member’s household, or the spouse or relative of a Board member. All members will serve one-year terms and may be re-appointed. All terms begin April 15.

Meeting Time/Place: The Landscape Committee will set monthly or as necessary, at an established time, day, and place. To comply with Florida Statues, all meetings will be duly posted 48 hours in advance of meeting, including the meeting agenda.

Board Liaison: A Master Board member will be appointed by the Board President to serve as the Board’s liaison with the Committee to provide a source of history and information and help members avoid duplication of previous work.

Landscaping Committee Meeting Minutes

This section contains meeting minutes for The Hammocks Landscaping Committee. The minutes are grouped by year and listed in month order. Click on the date to see/print the minutes for that meeting. ( Note: In 2015 landscaping and architectural review were one committee and the minutes reflect this.)


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